Sunday, May 16, 2010

Theodora Knit Along

Having come across the Vintage Purls Theodora Knit along on Ravelry I purchased two skeins of the specially dyed sock wool and awaited the start day on the 15th May. I admit I cheated and practiced the pattern on some spare wool to get my head round it as it looks very complex. In reality its rather straightforward, probably a lot to do with Morag's pattern's being easy to read.

I cast on while watching the girls Gym comp, but forgot my markers so had to wait till saturday afternoon to carry on with the toe. Once past the toe the pattern moves straight into the lace work, which is one small pattern on the front of the foot and leg and plain knit for the rest of the sock. So very straight forward and quick.

today I progressed more and got up to the gusset and will no doubt start turning the heal this evening after my swim. I am glad I got the 2 skeins as I can see this lending itself very nicely to a knee high pair of socks.

Even better this is my 12th Pair in 10 months! way to go me!

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