Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another week flies by......

School photos this week, Saffron is having the full set - she insisted on bunches! very cute!!! Josh has a new jacket - leather look Oasis style! makes his guitar playing sound even better!!!!!! Its been a wet week, the heatpump is working great! very cosy when we get home and get up!
We went to the cinema Saturday afternoon with Maree, Emma and Alex to watch the second Nanny McPhee - very good film! Well Ralph Finnes and Ewan McGregor who can complain!!!
The knitting is going well.... Theodora number 1 is now half way up the leg towards the knee and the second gloves is having the fingers finished! I braved the rain and gales friday night and got a lift from Friends over the hill to the friday sock club. It was great to see everyone there and fondle more of James gorgeous new yarns... He had a few copies of the new book (Think Outside the Sox: 50 Winning Patterns from the Knitter's Magazine Contest) on the birthday list for sure! some gorgeous sock designs in there.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Theodora Knit Along

Having come across the Vintage Purls Theodora Knit along on Ravelry I purchased two skeins of the specially dyed sock wool and awaited the start day on the 15th May. I admit I cheated and practiced the pattern on some spare wool to get my head round it as it looks very complex. In reality its rather straightforward, probably a lot to do with Morag's pattern's being easy to read.

I cast on while watching the girls Gym comp, but forgot my markers so had to wait till saturday afternoon to carry on with the toe. Once past the toe the pattern moves straight into the lace work, which is one small pattern on the front of the foot and leg and plain knit for the rest of the sock. So very straight forward and quick.

today I progressed more and got up to the gusset and will no doubt start turning the heal this evening after my swim. I am glad I got the 2 skeins as I can see this lending itself very nicely to a knee high pair of socks.

Even better this is my 12th Pair in 10 months! way to go me!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gym comp

The girls entered their first gym comp this morning. They had loads of fun together and tried really well to do the circuits. given they are both new to the formal gymnastics they did great, four reds and one blue ribbon each. The golds are 9.0-10, reds 8.0-9, the blues are great effort, basics there, just need a little more polishing, green is basically well done for turning up and getting out of bed!

Josh has been for his HIBS open day, tough competition for the places, but the school is outstanding, excellent facilities and a lovely feeling to the place. They even have their own plane and landing strip! The flying club comes at a cost of an extra $10,000!!! ouch! Josh was impressed as he got to do Chemistry experiments, look at slides under a microscope and check out the cool music block with loads of electric, acoustic and bass guitars and their own recording studio!!! Josh was drooling!

We saw two other GNS staff looking around for their sons. There is a maximum of 96 places a year, so Josh will have to pull his socks up and impress them when we apply next year.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pumpkins alive

We harvested our small crop of pumpkins this week, not huge but plenty enough to dust off the old recipe from Denise Bulger of Lower Beeding and making pumpkin soup with madras paste! yummy with fresh home made bread on an Autumn night.

Friday, May 7, 2010

And after..............................

I have finally taken a pic of the new heat pump, very lovely, warm cosy and on a timer so supper smart!

Despite having a cold I got back to some making stuff! my own grown chillies finally are starting to turn red, along with the garlic I had grown this year and rosemary from the garden I have bottled two fragrant bottles of oil. They will need a few months to 'mature'. now I need more bottles and wait for more of the chillies to turn red. I am still munching through the corn and we had our first frost this week, so the Yams shouldn't be too far away!!!

India and Saffron had gone to gym with daddy this morning, saffron in her new gym kit she got for her birthday, then to get her sun glasses she gets for starting school from a local eye company. so she will be looking very cool later on!!!

Knitting wise, I have finished Kates b'day socks and started a pair of gloves for myself while waiting for the 15th May when I start a Theadora knit along. I have the special wool from Vintage Purls ready to go too...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starting School

Off to school...............

Happy Birthday Saffron

Up early and loads of presents and card to open! She loved everything, especially the Charlie and Lola t-shirts and got loads of HM clothes, Thuderpants, HM CD, magazines and sticker book and jewelry! Her new drinks bottle from Aunt Chris is packed ready for her first day at school and she has already been practicing on her dance mat!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Saffron's leaving kindy party

Today Saffron had her Kindy leaving party, lots of tears all round and the youngest goes off to school. She started the day making her hat and playdough cake with candles. She had loads of fun all morning. Morning party tea was fun. Saffron had the special chair and Emily lit her candles and everyone sang happy birthday. Saffron then choose some songs to sing ABC and Galoop went the little Green frog. hence the funny hands over eyes photos and the frogs eyes went galoop, galoop galoop!!!!!

She then had to jump of the chair out of Kindy and into her school days! followed by morning tea, and Brooke was an awesome helper doing the raisin boxes. After then we had more play, especially with the ladybird and faiey wings we gave Kindy as a present. We also gave a great copy of the rainy day making book and an ant mine! That should be fun as we are never short of ants in Silverstream!!!

More playing and some wish making! She was very quiet over lunch as she realised no more Kyade, Brooke and other friends and no more Catherine during the day.

But she had fun with Catherine as they had to go visit the baby guinea pigs. Catherine's lady pig came for a visit a while back with Sid the pig. 60 ish days later and a litter of 6 arrived, but 2 didn't make it. We will await the sexing before we choose which one we get!!!!! Follow this link to see pics of the very cute arrivals!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthday Present

Wow what an amazing present for Saffron from Manu and Brooke. Its so very Saffron right down to the sparkly pink boots and bling! What a lovely gift!

Birthday Girl

Saffron had a cool birthday, loads of make up presents! just need a little instruction about application I think!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saffron's School Visit Artwork

A very impressive Robot with toes! and an Icecream with her fav word 'is'. She can write her own name and settled into class very quickly again and is all set for Tuesday. I don't think we will have any problems with Saffron going to school.

We also need to mentions josh, as he has gained two more cubs badges this week..... Homehelp and pet badge. he is working on his music and computer badge too.

Cake making and jigsaws

After gym this morning, we went to the annual book fair when the girls chose some nice books, including a horse one! and a couple of jigsaws, all pieces there and yes more horses! India has also been having lots of cuddles with Molly, not sure Molly is impressed!