Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hangdog 1

Day one of the two week Hangdog membership, with mum as ground based support and rope person!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hair colouring

India has gone for the semi permanent Nanna look with pink added and Saffron is going Goth black!

Josh also has some light red highlights.......... but will not be photoed!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ohope 2012 part 2

In between the rain we had a few bright days, not that the rain stopped the girls once they discovered the slides were not so scary, they were up and down them all day!  stopping for ice creams, hot chips and when the closed the pool, which was good as they had evening movies too and organised holiday club run by a lovely 20 year old Alison.  Josh was happy to cross the road to the wharf and go fishing on his Todd......  if only he had taken a hat and put suncream on.....

We managed to get to the amazing mazing maze !  ice creams were well deserved that day, no cheats map required!!   Not much other sight seeing to be done, kids were more than happy with holiday club activities, pool, fishing and beach....

a full moon in Ohope

Moon over Ohope
sand sculpture activity

Ohope 2012 part1

 The road trip up there was a good start with views of three volcanoes (4 if you include the Taupo Caldera)!  We stayed overnight at DeBretts Holiday park in Taupo and visited the hot mineral pools.  A little warm, so an hour was enough!  not a cheap hour either!

The kids were keen for an early start the next morning and the sun came out as we travelled some pretty deserted and quiet back roads up to Ohope.  Happily we arrived to warm sun, so getting the tent up was hot and sweaty, but thankfully not wet!  We had 1 full day of sunshine before the weather crapped out with heavy rain and gales.

Some Desert Road Geology

Volcanic sunset from Taupo

Mt Ruapehu

A break to get the Kayak out in the harbour
and the weather crapped out....rain gales
Josh in the camp site pool