Saturday, April 28, 2012

Go Silverpine Wild Horses

Bet you couldn't guess who came up with the name??!!!!
The firstmatch of the year was a friendly warmup tournament with the other Silverpine teams.  Five 20 min matches.  It was just a relaxed dress up in team colours and get to know your team and positions.  They all had great fun.

Start of the work and test cake

The work has started,mainly just digging foundations and pulling off the old wall coverings.  I have also done a practice cake for saffron's birthday using colours.  The idea is do do the butterfly mould with coloured wings and a choloate body.

Friday, April 27, 2012

X Country

It was Silverstream Crosscountry today,so a few photos of the girls,who both ran really well. Saffron was 23rd in her year (girls race) and India 14th.

My PEGI Baby

After a lengthy 2 yearss in the making! the PEGI project I was heaviliy involved with (in lots of ways), was formally released to the public by the Minister Phil Heatly. On top of that the project has been named as a finalist in the Wellington Gold awards.

So all in all its been a great finalie to the project.  The website (data portal) that I have done most of myself is an awesome way for anyone to discover NZ's geophysical data for use in not just the Oil and gas industry, but coal, minerals, or gold exploration, hazard identification and so much more......

Register for free here

 After that today I think I may deserve alarge glass of Pino Noir!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Expansion packs

As much as Josh would like another Age of Empires Expansion pack, I am in fact referring to the new extension to the house.  We have go the approval from the council to go ahead with a 4th bedroom, adding a shower to the downstairs toilet, and a deck out into the garden from the 4th bedroom.  Work starts in the next few weeks.  We are also taking the opportunity to remove the chimney (Earthquake hazard) and re-roof the house and replace the guttering and make a start on replacing the large glass windows and back door with double glazing (including back door, laundry, office, bathroom windows and the new windows/French doors).  Once complete the house will have a new coat of paint come next summer too.  

I have been looking at wall paper too, doing a feature wall and wallpaper the rest with a more solid colour.  Nice green curtains, wall mounted TV and lush carpets!  

India has already claimed what was our bedroom - well room is required for her Sylvanian families!!!

Now to start think heatpump, and bathroom sinks.......something like this would be nice!!!!

Clamor Test Knit

I am very privileged to be able to do a test knit for Hunter Hammersen ( ), one of my favourite designers.  Her new hat is called Clamor and I knitted it up in two days using a local merino DK weight sage green colour (Lovells).  Its a very effective hat and I love the curve and banding, with the octo-spiral finish for the top just looks stunning.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter we took a road trip to Ohakune and up the Mountain (aka Volcano).  We used the chance to get away and see another part of NZ, from the DC3 at Mangaweka, Carrot of Ohakune, Dinosaur of Raurimu (more viable than the fables spiral railway!), a trip up the most recently active Volcano in NZ ( Ruapehu  - before it gets over run with skiers in July) and a view of two more; Ngauruhoe (largest and youngest) and the Tongariro group of cones.  

We also got to the Army Museum, played on the tanks and saw a Sherman Tank and photos of North Africa, and Monte Carlo where my Grandad Poyzer was driving tanks during the Second World War.  We also visited the Tangiwi memorial.

Getting pictures of India is becoming harder, hands tend to be up a lot!  But she has finally cut one of two front teeth.

We stayed in an amazing log cabin - very Alps style.  It was amazingly warm even without having the fire lit once, with a great view of Ruapehu.