Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wairarapa on a sunny Sunday

A sunny Sunday was spent in the Wairarapa at the value for money A&P show watching chopping,ponies, calves,poultry, pigs,working horses and enjoying ice creams.  Josh got to try out a remote controlled tank.

It was only 31 degrees when we got back to the car, sat in direct sunshine!  I think the real temp was 25-27 degrees.  Certainly hot enough for hats, Skinnies and ice cream.  Back home to egg hunt - 7 more found!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fireworks night - upper hutt held its annual fireworks display tonight, it was the first time we had been, we got there at 7.45 and had over an hours wait before the fireworks came.  It was disappointing that the website advertising under 12's for free was incorrect and they wouldn't honor the advertised price, so $5 each had to be paid.

I see why people watch from the other side of the river!!!  Josh and Saffron enjoyed it,but India hated the noise, so I will save myself some money next year and stay home and watch from the window!!!

We managed to avoid overpriced rides and food too,and just got the kids some glow sticks that they had fun with!  Josh was anticipating a big finale - disappointing there too, kind of ended on a fizzle with everyone looking round going, ah so was that it?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Water Time

The long weekend was spent installing an irrigation system on a timer to the vegetable beds.  6 raised beds,two planters and the herb bed now hove water twice a day,every second day.  Fingers crossed for a more productive summer!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Staglands end of holiday trip

Staglands trip in the school holidays, gorgeous sunny day, no wind in the valley,sun hats and cream on.

Too many great photos so here is a slide show............

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gummy bear

All go here, kids growing too fast!  We are just in the middle of school holidays, back for the final term of the year (term 4) next Tuesday.  Its a short one, as it was changed to fit in with the Rugby.  We have been to some of the pool games in Wellington, everyone loved them, despite the late nights!   We are looking forward to Sunday night and the All Blacks winning!!

This is Josh's final term at Primary school too, off to intermediate in February!  He is growing too fast, he is now in size 6 shoes and pinching my boots, size 16 clothes, despite being only just 11!  Tall blacks here we come!

India is pulling her teeth out literally!  She has lost 3 top front ones and the 4th is very wiggly!   All gummy now!

Saffron is doing well, tall than India now and a real diva with the attitude to match!

Andy is off shooting again on Monday, with his new gun case!!!  He is enjoying the vinyl revival and the new store in town,  Fleeting foxes is the latest LP to come home (rather folk X Simon and Garfunkel).

I am juggling work, kids, volunteering at school, swimming and gardening.  I try and make time for knitting and reading too, but something has to give, shame I haven't won the lottery, then I could give up work! I will keep dreaming!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Go the All Blacks

The last of out RWC matches today, saving the best for last All Blacks v Canada. India was showing off her new gappy smile after loosing her front tooth while staying over at Georgia's after a long day in Masterton at the 2011 Pencarrow Brownies Revels.