Sunday, May 4, 2008

He is feeling left out!

Because he is feeling left out and complaining the girls are more popular! Self image - he is like a Japanesse Tourist when let loose with my camera - only filling the disc stops him! He needs more practice, scarily the one of the only decent ones was of India's bum!!!!

Oh and the cake.........

Nurse India on Duty now and the WESTPAC Demo

She is Matron Material any day of the week!!!

Winch demo about 200 metres away - HSE - why worry! Its more fun living life dangerously!

Happy Birthday Saffron

Nurse Saffron reporting for Duty. 3 today and having fun all day!

She had great fun ripping into her presents and making sure her dad removed all evidence of rubish from the table! She was desperate to have her home made Butterfly Cake for breakfast but managed to get distracted with the nurses outfit, kit, bubbles, aeroplane, lots of clothes and Mermaid cycle helmet. She was even more impressed both sets of grandparents got her the same card! Morning tea with lots of cake followed by a trip to the airport to take dad to Perth. After 'checking in' the Westpac rescue helicopter open day was a good distraction before choosing the duty free - Hey they had Bells - 1 bottle there, 1 bottle back, 1 bottle me out and 1 bottle me back - Plus Port as well - lovely!!!, but doubt it will last to Christmas - sorry folks!

We waved bye to dad and trundled back up SH 1 home.