Saturday, October 25, 2008

Out of Africa

Well its Labour weekend, and its wet - apparently this is normal. its not cold though - pretty muggy to be honest.

First day was pretty rushed - swimming lessons, dash to the bank, over to Porirua to buy tent in the sale and camp bed, back home for lunch then off to the Circus.

The kids were desperate to go, as this one had some very cute Shetland ponies and an Elephant. They had a really good time, lots of black male dancers/acrobats, clown - even Andy wasn't scared. The lady on the hoop and swing was pretty good and the 2 girls doing way too advanced Yoga bending made my stomach churn!

At least its another experience they can tick off their books. Shouldn't have to do that again too soon! Good job as there is around 3-5 a year that pass through!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A walk on the wild side.

Life is pretty busy at the moment. Term 4 has started so everyone back into the swing of things, swimming lessons and tennis this term, and josh has moved up to Cubs.

Christmas is coming, so my card business is busy with at least one event a weekend. I had 2 this weekend, it should have been 3 but one lady had to postpone her party!

Working is also busy, I have some Austral work on in the coming weeks, till start November I should think. Andy is busy and off to SEG in Las Vegas and then on to PETEX in the UK. In less then 3 weeks - I had better get those Christmas cards wrote so he can post them when back in the UK.

The weather has improved, and my veg bed is growing. a second one is needed!!! 2 capsimiums now in an over flow tub! 6 raspberry canes planted - yummy, strawberries starting to ripen, don't tell the kids!!!! It is getting pretty chocca in there, pumpkins, lettuce, sweetcorn, cabbage, carrots, brocoli, more lettuce, cucumber, passion fruit, and the strawberries. Chilli and tomotoes still inside and growing from seed.

Yesterday we took the opportunity to go tramping, off to tunnel gully.