Friday, December 25, 2009

More Xmas day

Hannah Montana fan!
Josh engrossed in Lego building and the girls kitted up ready for their water gun fight!

Christmas day

Ah we get to see a lot of 6am!!!! Wow excitement. It still amazes me how fast they can get through presents!!! Santa pleased all, scooters for the girls and limited edition Star wars Republic cruiser lego for Josh. Lots of books, chocolate and camping torches. Josh also got a watch and fishing rod.

Quick break for breakfast, Skype the grandparents before they hit the presents under the tree..... Let the chaos continue.....

Saffron is now a full on converted mini Hannah Montana fan. She is geared up with HM t-shirt, school bag, lunch box, HM the movie, the lip gloss, the annual, the diary and pencil. I can see the dance mat appearing in the sales too.......... and bonus clothes that are PINK! She is so pinkalicious!

Josh is chuffed with Transforms DVD, more lego!!! books, Nintendo DS games, Bakugauns, more books and a par of mummy knitted socks!

India is lost in Sylvanian family land.... A new family joined the crew - the pussycats.... Along with new rain coat gear, fishing net, chocolate, clothes, books, and snow white dvd.

Dad got lots of vinyl, some nice NZ t-shirts, socks, chocolates, books, Green Day cd, knitted socks.

Mum got new black jeans, books, sock wool, t-shirt, portmerion sauce dishes, foot balm. plus t-towels and new kitchen scals for us both.

Roast beef lunch with Yorkshire puds coming up and no doubt HM the movie AGAIN!!!

Update - roast beef dinner in 28 degree heat (40 in the sun!!) - NEVER AGAIN! very nice but it was too hot!

Christmas Eve, preparations for the Big Man

6am till 9pm, 15 hours of over excited children. Bed time couldn't come soon enough.

We had a great day of over excitement, we started off at Maree and Johnathan's for morning tea, and present swap with Emma and Alex. We then had fun around the house , eating some very yummy ham. We got a raw brined ham from the butcher and glazed it ourself and cooked it it got a lovely ham to keep us in sandwiches for a few days.

Then came bed time - finally! wow talk about bouncing of the walls. Josh in his excitement got carrots from the garden for Rudolph. Unfortunately they hadn't quiet grown yet and but would make great tooth pics for Rudolph! Socks up and off to bed.......

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wellington on a nice day

You can not beat Wellington on a good day!! We finally got up to Mt Victoria lookout followed by ice creams on Oriental bay. 40.8 degrees in the sun - get the suncream quick!

Zoë's birthday - delayed a day

I delayed my birthday a day this year and enjoyed a nice breakfast in bed with all the children on the bed with loads of pressies and cards. My arm is very sore, swollen and tender, will be for quiet a while I should think!!! I have started the Arnica tablets and cream and plenty of ibuprofen.

The BBQ last night was awesome, great bunch of friends chilling out and sharing some god food, drink and company. I received some lovely presents from friends including flowers, coffee, aromatherapy pamper set, candle, bookmark and a cabbage tree. India got some nice presents too, silvanian rabbit family, white fluffy rabbit, Dr Suess book and fairy book and stickers.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The cake and the socks

India's Birthday morning

India was up early this morning! surprise surprise! The birthday fairy had been and she was most pleased! She got a new dolls car seat and stroller from the fairy! Swim togs, towel and PJ's from mum and dad, Lego horse box and Landrover from Aunty Chris, Brian and Great Grandma, Decorate your own treasure chest from great grandad, book explaining why dogs don't brush their teeth from Josh and Saffron, magic drawing set and fairy russian dolls from nana and grandad and smal sparkly nail polish duo from uncle Jason. More presents to follow from friends and from papa and grandma and uncle Steve when we celebrate our second birthdays and Christmas in February.

She is off to two friends birthday parties later too, and mummy still has to decorate her cake! She is off to the cinema in January to see Princess and the Frog disney movie to celebrate her birthday with friends.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthday eve excitment

talk about a tightly wound coil! India has be uba-excited all day. The only distraction all day was Holly coming. We babysat for my friend Jenny's daughter Holly. The girls, and Josh kept her very busy until bedtime.

Cake made, just left to ice tomorrow. Salsa and
Tzatziki done, shopping in and pizzas done too. so should be plenty of food for our PR party BBQ and birthdays tomorrow.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Molly hair cut

Molly has had her first hair cut this week, just in time as the temp in the sun got up to 38 degrees today, I doubt it will stick around for Christmas, but fingers crossed!!
I have been snowed under at work, as we have had an urgent deadline to get a new section of the GNS Science website live. Alison Pullar, a teacher at Silverstream School spent two terms at GNS compiling information on volcanoes for a kids learning zone and a set of teachers lessons plans and actvity sheets. I spent a hectic few long days getting the majority of it in to webpages and live in time for the huge Pompeii exhibition opening this weekend at Te Papa. I am lucky enough to be going for a special preview evening Tuesday. Work have been very impressed with it, so I guess I deserve that promotion I got last week after all!

Kindy Disco

Saffron was truly the dancing Queen at her kindy disco this week. She danced non stop all night.

Monday, December 7, 2009

GNS Christmas Party

We took time out from camping to bring the girls down to the GNS Christmas party. loads of fun things, petting zoo, climbing wall, bouncy castle, fairground ride, ice creams, races, lolly scrambles and of course Santa!

More camping photos

Thanks Allan for these awesome photos of the weekend camp.