Thursday, December 17, 2009

Molly hair cut

Molly has had her first hair cut this week, just in time as the temp in the sun got up to 38 degrees today, I doubt it will stick around for Christmas, but fingers crossed!!
I have been snowed under at work, as we have had an urgent deadline to get a new section of the GNS Science website live. Alison Pullar, a teacher at Silverstream School spent two terms at GNS compiling information on volcanoes for a kids learning zone and a set of teachers lessons plans and actvity sheets. I spent a hectic few long days getting the majority of it in to webpages and live in time for the huge Pompeii exhibition opening this weekend at Te Papa. I am lucky enough to be going for a special preview evening Tuesday. Work have been very impressed with it, so I guess I deserve that promotion I got last week after all!

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