Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas day

Ah we get to see a lot of 6am!!!! Wow excitement. It still amazes me how fast they can get through presents!!! Santa pleased all, scooters for the girls and limited edition Star wars Republic cruiser lego for Josh. Lots of books, chocolate and camping torches. Josh also got a watch and fishing rod.

Quick break for breakfast, Skype the grandparents before they hit the presents under the tree..... Let the chaos continue.....

Saffron is now a full on converted mini Hannah Montana fan. She is geared up with HM t-shirt, school bag, lunch box, HM the movie, the lip gloss, the annual, the diary and pencil. I can see the dance mat appearing in the sales too.......... and bonus clothes that are PINK! She is so pinkalicious!

Josh is chuffed with Transforms DVD, more lego!!! books, Nintendo DS games, Bakugauns, more books and a par of mummy knitted socks!

India is lost in Sylvanian family land.... A new family joined the crew - the pussycats.... Along with new rain coat gear, fishing net, chocolate, clothes, books, and snow white dvd.

Dad got lots of vinyl, some nice NZ t-shirts, socks, chocolates, books, Green Day cd, knitted socks.

Mum got new black jeans, books, sock wool, t-shirt, portmerion sauce dishes, foot balm. plus t-towels and new kitchen scals for us both.

Roast beef lunch with Yorkshire puds coming up and no doubt HM the movie AGAIN!!!

Update - roast beef dinner in 28 degree heat (40 in the sun!!) - NEVER AGAIN! very nice but it was too hot!

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