Monday, July 27, 2009

Spirula spirula or Rams Horn

After talking to Dr Alan Beu at work today my ammonite-ish shells are:
Spirula spirula - closely related to cuttlefish (descendants of belemnites for the geologists among us)
"It is the shell of a deep-water pelagic squid called Spirula spirula, which has
this strange little spiral shell inside its body, used as a buoyancy device. They float to the surface when the animal dies, and wash ashore after prolonged on-shore winds, around a lot of the warm-water world. You can always find them along those west coast (NZ) beaches in small numbers, so I suppose the large numbers reflect all the strong winds we have been having. "

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pumice Hunting

After Thursday storms and floods we took advantage of the clear sky and dry day and had a run up the coast to Paraparumu Beach Lagoon and went pumice hunting, 4 carrier bags later and some great large pieces we headed back to the car for homemade choc chip muffins. I also collected some of those gorgeous shells that look like ammonite relations!

Andy has been busy stripping the trailer to mend, wire brush and re-paint to get it through the WOF ready for the holiday in January. Campsite is booked -, just need to budget and book the ferry and cattery! The kids are very excited alredy! only 6 months to go!

The storm of Thursday was amazing, 80 mm of rain in one day! The storm water drains had blocked and the driveway is ankle deep with the water level getting up to the steps. The rabbit was rescued to higher ground and we were very lucky. A lot of others were flooded. Glad the house is on concrete blocks!!! Unfortunatly it was flooded under there and the ants also sought higher grouns and food - raid in the laundry for the cat fud! Wellington had been cut off from the North, all but one route was shut and anyone who wanted to try the Akatawa road in that weather would be self volunterring for a Darwin award!
Even the train line to the Waiarapa was shut after a landslide that de-railed the train! No one hurt luckily.

Then 2 days later the south Island has had avalanches and one dead unfortunatly.
There has not been too much distrubtion from the massive 7.8 quake the other week and the 17cm tusnami! loads of aftershocks, but not a single death. We just need Mt Raphau to erupt again and we will have had nearly the full set of natural hazards! Oz can keep the Bush fires!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

yellow belt and ballet

Josh achieved 8th Kyu - Yellow belt! So expensive sparing equipment on the birthday list. Along with Bakugan stuff - google it!

The girls had wet play at home - the Ballet kits came out - looking at these no wonder I still get asked if they are twins!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Three most important cups in NZ

From left to right, The Tri-Nations cup, the Ranfurly Shield and the Bledisloe Cup (which is huge).

Our Business development manager was contacts and was able to arrange such an awesome event for us at work today. Unfortunately all the All Blacks were busy in training.