Monday, May 30, 2011

India gets player of the day

Or as saffron puts it Killer of the week! Hummm!

India's Netball team won an amazing 11-0 this week and India was a real star in WD. She was doing some great blocking and running and marking her opponent. She did some great catches and passes and was well deserved in winning the trophy! She did have to wait till school on Monday to get the trophy, as it was accidentally left at home by last weeks winner. We got a snap just as she was on her way out to Brownies.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bike Jam 2011

The Rain help off, the mud was thick and the kids were ready! Josh did the long event, exhausted but worth it! he won a wedgy bag!!! one of those small essentials bags thats sits under your seat ! India was going to do the medium but bottled it and just did the short one with Saffron, even then India just whined! Saffron was rewarded with a spot prize too - a pencil case and set of colouring pencils. They all got medals, some freebie snacks and water bottles. I think India and Saffron had more fun larking around before their event!

Madison turns one.

Our friend Madison Riley turned one on the 3rd May, she help a first birthday bash on Saturday. Great fun was had by all, Josh played Ukulele for pass the parcel. Madison was very taken by his playing! Kylie (aka Mum) had done an awesome job of the birthday cupcakes!

Netball 2011 Season kick Off - the replay

Due to the cancelled Netball tournament, it was reschedule for Saturday, but due to other commitments India could only play 1 game. She still managed to dress up a little in blue and pout a bit!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saffron's Birthday morning

Saffron was asleep very quickly the night before, despite all the excitement! She didn't stir till 6.30am either! We had a busy morning with lots of presents and cars.

She got cards from Grandma and Papa, Nana and Grandad, Aunt Chris, Great Grandad, Mum and dad and Josh and India.

The birthday money she got from grandparents and aunt Chris got spent at pumpkin patch on the lovely clothes and new boots.
She loved the skate board and Nintendo dogs game too, pus a barbie and spare clothes and Smiggle stuff.

She had made a vanilla butterfly cake the night before and decorated this herself to share with her class today.

We had a very busy morning, she Skyped Papa and grandma too, and had yummy pancakes for breakfast all on top of all the running around in the usual pre-school chaos!

Catherine is picking them up from school and after gym she will have a Macdonald's birthday tea treat!

Saffrons Fairy Party

Saffron's Birthday was a visit with a few friends to a very special place in Upper Hutt. Magical fairies and pixies visit and a special fairy called Sunbeam came to visit and entertain Saffron on her birthday. They all had to get dressed up in fairy costumes and wear tiaras to meet her though! Tinkerbell made a very special party tea and the mischievous pixies stayed away!