Friday, May 25, 2012

Surprise for the Girls

The girls got a big surprise today, we had been keeping a big secret!

They are both now booked in for riding lessons every fortnight at Thompson's riding school in Mangeroa Valley, a great all weather venue.  Their ride is called Sheba!  Even the cat (Gruba) came along to take the lesson for a while!

You will have excuse the the blurryness, they were galloping at time and the light was poor.

Key: India in blue, Saffron in pink.........

More progress on the house

This week, we have had another chilli week!   Windows due next week, so still a little chilli, but the bathroom wall has gone up and the old toilet wall has been taken down, the exterior cladding has been removed, windows uncovered and lack of insulation noted!   We are now starting to re clad, repairing previous flood (large water leak) damage and adding insulation.   Bathroom bits have been added, and shower base has arrived, so we can start to see the space we have.

Tv has also been acquired with swivel bracket. Carpet options are being looked at, thanks to Maree and her new soft gorgeous carpet.  Wallpaper and curtains have been ordered and delivery of decking wood has also arrived.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 4 and we have broken through...............

Another week and more improvements, the internal wall has gone, making a HUGE area, but alas it won't last.....  the Bathroom wall needs to come out to make room for the shower.  The exterior cladding has also gone on and the wallpaper and curtains have been selected........The lighter green i think (Bamboo) the darker one (cyprus) looks almost brown in some lights.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Up goes the walls

End of week 3, the walls have mostly gone up today, gaps for windows put in and a quick layout of the bed and possible fitted wardrobe on the floor.  All looking very good!  Another week and the internal walls should be down, double glazing in and batheroom walls up.

We have a floor!

Work is progressing well, and we have a floor as of Thursday evening, with a nice view out the French doors (gap) onto the garden!!!!

Today (Friday) walls are going up, internal walls are being made ready to be removed and the plumber has been to check out the lay of the pipes so to speak!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One Brownie,Two Brownie

Not the chocolate ones either!!  Saffron joined Brownies last night along with her friend Charlotte.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Inter schools Cross Country

India ran for Silverstream School and came 33rd- great effort,given she was pushed to the back at starting and was last away!

House extension week 2

This week the foundations were dug, old concrete cut, deck posts dug, cement lorry arrived and lots of rubble went......
Chicken and cat prints are now set in stone! well the concrete foundations!

oh and the netball gear on the washing line -managers privilege!