Sunday, September 26, 2010


Josh was up to Wellington today for a back to back basketball tournament. 10 and under (white and blue shirts) for three games plus final, which they unfortunately lost, followed by three 12 and under games (orange shirts)and the final which they won!!! He was worn out - should sleep well!!!! He was helped by new trainers - they had killed 5 times over the last pair, luckily rebel sport had some in the sale at 50% off!! Yeah we like that!

He just needs some proper basketball shorts and t-shirt, good job Andy is off to Denver in less than 3 weeks. Denver Nuggets - hummmmm.....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Short Straw lamb and Pony day... well more pony than lamb!

Hummm someone was ready to make a cash offer to take a pony home!!!!! she was very relaxed and at home walking the little pony around the paddock. I rather liked the Alpaca's make nice yarn and less hassle than sheep! One day........

Happy Feet

This is my show and tell time!!!
I joined an international swap on Ravelry called Happy feet; where we swap goodies from our country including 200 g of sock yarn. I sent a parcel of goodies to Findland and received a bag of goodies from Canada. It was sent surface mail which unfortunately was a very slow boat, taking 9 weeks!! But well worth the wait, as Cheryl hand dyes her own yarns and did some especially for me!

The Parcel contained:
  • The most gorgeous hand dyed sock yarn (done just for me!!) and a skein of hand dyed fresh farm spun Alpca yarn. See Cheryls store
  • 2 local Canadian soaps wow they smell so yummy
  • local Candaian Jasper (Autumn Jasper) stitch markers form Crimson Orchid designs
  • Canadian maple leaf chocolates
  • range of teas, ohh so yummy smelling too!
  • great letter in a card displaying a local hand painted print of Mount Rundle in Banff.
This is the package I sent:

Friday, September 24, 2010

End of term 3

End of term 3 has come around so quickly. There was a special end of term assembly, Josh and friends (Logan and Dylan) and many more played the guitars and did a 3 song performance, Utaing Mai, Surfing USA and Oh baby. India was also awarded a certificate for graduating from her reading recovery program. She went from level 5 to 22 in one term!!! she has progressed with super speed and impressed all her teachers. The program also included writing skills as well as reading skills.
Josh was then presented with a certificate for the Basketball, the school team had been playing every wednesday this term for an interschools competition. It was all down to the last game, which they won to take the championship!!!

A pretty awesome end to te school term.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

Well it was just too awesome to stay quiet! These are some pics taken by Sam Hemmings-Skyes (GNS staff) in the field after the quake, they are just too Awesome not be shared! The pure physical shift in the earths surface and the forces behind that just blow your mind away!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oasis Wonderwall

I have finally managed to upload the video of Josh playing Oasis Wonderwall on his 3/4 nylon string guitar back in August. Enjoy! He has improved since!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lunchtime photo workshop

As part of the art week at work, Margaret help a photo workshop. The theory was fairly straight forward and we were then sent on an assignment! I got the pool area! We were only allowed to move 1 m once we choose our spot! The following are my favs from the shoot.

Milo for Maddison

After many pairs of socks I used some of the soft merino to knit up a baby vest using the Milo pattern for baby Maddison Riley. Fingers crossed it fit! we will find out tomorrow!!!

It is a top down in the loop pattern, so no seams to stitch up at all!!! Makes life very simple! There are a number of cable options with the pattern, so I used the owl one since owls are soo in fashion at the moment. It was also the fiirst time I had ever done any cable - easy as, so I am very proud of this article. The pattern goes up to age 6 but can easily be scaled up to even an adult size!!! I managed to get some lovely soft cotton in the thimbles and threads sale, so thinking that will make the girls a lovely milo vests for summer.