Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Feet

This is my show and tell time!!!
I joined an international swap on Ravelry called Happy feet; where we swap goodies from our country including 200 g of sock yarn. I sent a parcel of goodies to Findland and received a bag of goodies from Canada. It was sent surface mail which unfortunately was a very slow boat, taking 9 weeks!! But well worth the wait, as Cheryl hand dyes her own yarns and did some especially for me!

The Parcel contained:
  • The most gorgeous hand dyed sock yarn (done just for me!!) and a skein of hand dyed fresh farm spun Alpca yarn. See Cheryls store
  • 2 local Canadian soaps wow they smell so yummy
  • local Candaian Jasper (Autumn Jasper) stitch markers form Crimson Orchid designs
  • Canadian maple leaf chocolates
  • range of teas, ohh so yummy smelling too!
  • great letter in a card displaying a local hand painted print of Mount Rundle in Banff.
This is the package I sent:

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