Monday, September 28, 2009

Zealandia trip with The Breeze's Breakfast show

Well if someone had booked the weather it could have been a really cool way to start the school holidays. Josh won a trip to Zealandia on The Breeze Radio station during Steve Joll's breakfast show last week, for Saffron, India, Josh and mum! Unfortunately it piddled down all morning!

First off we get to make either Weta Hotels or flower presses. Saffron choose the flower press and India and Josh did Weta Hotels. See pic above. We will wait for some dry weather before finding some suitable trees to hang them in.

We then left the dry tent to get into the boat for a trip across the lake, luckily they had the wet weather covers on!!! From there it was time to get wet. we had come prepared in rain coats, wellies and waterproof dungies! We went in search of Kaka - they were hiding from the rain along with most of the birds. The Shags were huddled up in their trees and we spotted the occational fan tail, but not a single sighting of a Kaka! We had a tramp back to the visitors centre in the rather persistant piddling rain, we were wet through the waterproofs right down to our vests. Back to the car, home to get dry and warm. Pj's on by many and TV afternoon as the rain continues to fall.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A weekends work

Another busy and fun weekend, Gardening, knitting, sleepovers and pool parties. Josh had Logan stay over Saturday night and then they were off to a pool party on Sunday for Greg's leaving party. He is off to Australia. In the mean time they were up in the Bush having a ball being boys. I had been to a lovely lady called Hana's house Sunday morning and dug out and collected a car full of Flax she was getting rid of. These have been transplanted down the right hand side of the bush to try and hide the rubbish tip that is next doors garden - junk dump! So give it a year or so for them to bush out and they will be lovely. I also planted more natives I have been collected, so once all that matures it will be lovely, just a long wait. While I was busy with that Andy made the new veg bed (kiwi made number 3!). So awaiting a delivery of top soil this week and the yams and toms can go in. Next project may be a cold frame..... maybe! Then we dug in and cemented in the new trellis for the raspberries and Fejoa which I will espalier. More edible trees required I think! First Sock was also finished, on to number 2.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rosella in the Garden

After a busy weekend planting loads of native saplings we have been given, and acquired (via the annual weed swap) the bush is starting to look full of promise with horoeka or lancewood, kakabeak, kowhai, cabbage trees or ti kouka , Pohutukawa, toetoe cutty grass, New Zealand Flax and many more srubs and trees. Give it a couple of years and it will look great.

We were rewarded this morning with a visit from a pair of Rosellas, as well as fan tails and tui (loving the flowering Kowhai!) Hand't spotted the other regular Keraru (Wood Pigeons) but heard Morepork owls again last night and the silver eyes do the rounds too.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day (Kiwi Style!)
After a dawn present raid by children, They had done some awesome present wrapping with balloons attached and everything!! We had a fairly relaxed morning, washing on, sid the pig cleaned, lazy breakfast then off to Wellington to Enjoy the glorious day. We are having a bit of a last winter thing going on so -3 overnight, hard frost, but glorious blue sky days and very warm in the sun. Te Papa was our destination this week, quick munchies in the cafe, followed by loads of digging for dinosaurs, cave exploration, bush walks and harry and matty pouncing before squids, discovery centre and home (via collecting a new cricket kit bag for Josh). Josh is enrolled for the cricket season, thanks to trade me he now has some cricket white trousers, kit bag and he got an upper hutt team shirt when he joined too. So a little more practicing needed before season starts. still surfing for cheap pads and gloves, although the club will supply these if needed. Now we are officially Kiwis, but have to wait 5 years before we can apply for NZ passport.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Real Kiwis on a Spring weekend

Well Spring is officially started and what a good start. We have had official confirmation that our application for permanent residency (PR) has now been approved, so we can stay in New Zealand for good and not get kicked out in November!!!
Its been a huge relief as there have been so many stories about people not getting approved for one reason or another, so we can not relax, open a bottle of bubbles and celebrate our new found Kiwi-ness!!! As much as we miss family and friends back in the UK we have enjoyed NZ life much better, its less crowded, greener, beautiful, dangerous (Geohazards) but the right sort!

Josh had id last netball game of the season, just hours after joining up for the 2009 under 10's cricket for next term. They celebrated after with a macdonalds treat and a presentation from the coach - a trophy each - great one with moveable arms and wobbly head!!! and a small photo album of they during the season playing and the team photo. He has really had fun playing and improved loads over the year.

Right I suspect its time for a ride on his new bike round the block, while I go find some more spring flowers to snap!