Monday, September 28, 2009

Zealandia trip with The Breeze's Breakfast show

Well if someone had booked the weather it could have been a really cool way to start the school holidays. Josh won a trip to Zealandia on The Breeze Radio station during Steve Joll's breakfast show last week, for Saffron, India, Josh and mum! Unfortunately it piddled down all morning!

First off we get to make either Weta Hotels or flower presses. Saffron choose the flower press and India and Josh did Weta Hotels. See pic above. We will wait for some dry weather before finding some suitable trees to hang them in.

We then left the dry tent to get into the boat for a trip across the lake, luckily they had the wet weather covers on!!! From there it was time to get wet. we had come prepared in rain coats, wellies and waterproof dungies! We went in search of Kaka - they were hiding from the rain along with most of the birds. The Shags were huddled up in their trees and we spotted the occational fan tail, but not a single sighting of a Kaka! We had a tramp back to the visitors centre in the rather persistant piddling rain, we were wet through the waterproofs right down to our vests. Back to the car, home to get dry and warm. Pj's on by many and TV afternoon as the rain continues to fall.

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