Saturday, September 5, 2009

Real Kiwis on a Spring weekend

Well Spring is officially started and what a good start. We have had official confirmation that our application for permanent residency (PR) has now been approved, so we can stay in New Zealand for good and not get kicked out in November!!!
Its been a huge relief as there have been so many stories about people not getting approved for one reason or another, so we can not relax, open a bottle of bubbles and celebrate our new found Kiwi-ness!!! As much as we miss family and friends back in the UK we have enjoyed NZ life much better, its less crowded, greener, beautiful, dangerous (Geohazards) but the right sort!

Josh had id last netball game of the season, just hours after joining up for the 2009 under 10's cricket for next term. They celebrated after with a macdonalds treat and a presentation from the coach - a trophy each - great one with moveable arms and wobbly head!!! and a small photo album of they during the season playing and the team photo. He has really had fun playing and improved loads over the year.

Right I suspect its time for a ride on his new bike round the block, while I go find some more spring flowers to snap!

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