Monday, March 30, 2015

Shanghai Part 4

Here are some of the other bits, including the fresh snake I tried.....

Live snakes in a box

Skinning a snake alive, well very freshly LOTP!

yummy deep fried snake, plenty of bones

and me eating snake

fresh water crawfish

yummy vegatables

night market

cured goose neck, tongue, beak, brain...
you name it they cure it and eat it!

The Bund from the river cruise

More Bund

Top of the Bund

some funky art building!

just a small ship

Party boat!

Hot pot meal

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shanghai Part 3 - Feb 2015

My travel companion had family (mother, aunt and grandparents) who were in the Weihsien concentration camp during the second world war.  Weishsien was an American Presbyterian Compound during the war and is not part of a sprawling metropolis of Weifang, Shandong Peninsulas, a population of 5 million. We found a river side park with a memorial wall with names in English and a monument with names in Chinese.  Near by is a main building from the original camp, surrounded by a fast expanding hospital and staff accommodation.  Two further buildings exist in the hospital grounds and are now used as administration buildings.  Nearby in the number 2 middle school is two further buildings, one of which holds a small museum of pictures and the history of the camp.
The area and memorial and museum were not well known or easy to locate, but a strong dislike of the Japanese still exists in the region.

A good website for more information on Weihsien can be found here:

The homeward trip was via a very full bullet train, at the end of the New Year holiday.  this time of the year sees a mass movement of families throughout China.

CNR bullet train, travels at a speed of around 300 kmph.

The memorial wall of names

The pictorial of the wall

the right side of the pictorial with Eric Liddell in the centre.

the second pictorial wall plaque

more of the pictorial

park near the wall.

main Shadyside Hospital building remaining with plaques.

new pavilion

plaque outside the Shadyside hospital building.

Shadyside hospital building

rear of the Shadyside hospital building

rear side of the Shadyside hospital building

Memorial to Eric Liddell

Gateway to what was the Wall Street buildings in front
of the Shadyside hospital building.

converted Wall Street buildings with heating units.

Wall Street courtyard

modern peace bell

view of the river across to a very dilapidated rock wall

Main river - small island and bridge

remaining gate near the wall street buildings

Chinese monument

names in chinese

close up of memorial

old buildings that are now within the school campus

old buildings in the school campus.

memorial plaque in the school campus

plaque on the side of one of the buildings in school campus.

Second of the two buildings in the school campus.
In case anyone else wants to find the buildings,
 this is road the number 2 middle school is on.

Shanghai Part 2 - February 2015

More photos from Zoe's trip of the Jade Temple and Yu Yuan bazaar and gardens..

This is a very clean example of a ladies toilet!
Luckily you can normally find a western toilet
 too in Shanghai, not so when you get more rural though!

Outside the Jade Buddha Temple

Opposite the entrance is this lovely wall

Being New Year the temple was packed with people.

They come and pray the the various Buddha images
 around the temple and donate.
This is just one of the many status

The reclining Buddha.

Lots of New Year lanterns 

The temple buildings

In the court yard below the Sitting Buddha

Incense burning and the temple courtyard.

The main three large Buddha's in the

The main temple courtyard

Main temple courtyard - very busy.

From the hop on bus

The courtyard below the sitting Jade Buddha

Buildings in the Yu Yuan bazar in the old style.

Crowd queuing to walk across the bridge to the gardens.

Amazingly busy during the new year period, so busy
that there was plenty of crown control and a one way system.

Entrance to the gardens

signs that spring was on the way..

lots of lovely pavilions, halls,
rockeries, ponds and cloisters and all have
 unique characteristics

Looking back through the entrance.

the first pond area from one of the pavilions.


from the walkway looking back at the first pavilion.

lovely carving on the wall.

very quiet little room over looking this waterway.

One of the many dragon features on the walls.

A lovely tranquil bamboo garden

another pond near the bamboo garden.

lovely Chinese Ming dynasty buildings

I loved the paving in some of the gardens

More Dragons

Chinese hobbits!

It was busier than my photos suggest!

lovely walkway and some of the new shanghai in the background.

Some of the many visitors

The famous weathered Jade rock with 72 holes.

These Chinese hobbits get everywhere!

Entrance way between gardens

Close up of the Dragons


Another selfie using a mirror in the back of the small pavilion
overlooking a waterway.
yes its was on average 8-12 degrees during late Feb.

Busy enough?

Hard to describe the amazingly large crowds.