Monday, June 27, 2011

Tweedle Dee

The first Vintage Purls Winter Sock club of 2011 has arrived. Morag has a new yarn base - DK weight nylon blend, her first taster was sent out to us all for the Winter sock club in a lovely deep red called 'Max'. She also supplied two pattern choices, a thicker simple house sock or Tweedle a linen stitch beret with a funky new ribbed cast on to learn. There was also some fudge that has long since gone and a couple of cute badges that are now pinned to the hat. It took less than a week to knit up, even with learning the new cast on and stitch. It then was blocked with a dinner plate to get the shape. Now back to the silk road socks!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Flax Flowers

I have been revisiting the flax flower making skills I learnt a few years ago with a refresher workshop on Friday lunchtime at work. I hope to move on to some more advanced flowers in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Indian Night Moth complete

India's version of Tikki's little butterflies was completed last night, along with some pretty cupcake buttons. India is modelling, the extra head is Lucy Silver who is round for a play date.

Sylvanian Night

India and Saffron were invited to Playdays in Petone for a Sylvanian night to see the new range and buy some goodies.

India and Saffron had $20 each to spend, India got the Toilet and TV! Saffron started her collection with the knitting Granny! They also had their photo with the bunny and entered the lucky draw. India got a call later that night to say she had won the flower stall. She has been playing with it and her merkat family. Mum also managed to get some goodies to put away for xmas and birthday presents. Talk about organised!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back up four eyes

Saffrons spare/home glasses have turned up, she does look good in these fashionable glasses! yes they have Barbie written on them!


Some more pics of India playing Netball, the team won again, thats 2 wins in a row! The rain held off but for the last 2 mins! Her playing is really improving too, when she isn't twiddling with her hair or posing for the camera! She has also been playing with her Sylvanians again, a huge list of all the new Sylvanian stuff has appeared - birthday list apparently! Plus she is desperately wiggling that front upper tooth that is loose! watch this space!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Farewell Mr Schaab.

Today we said a very tearful farewell to Mr Schaab, the school caretaker at Silverstream. Not only has he been an outstanding caretaker and always ready to help each and every child, he gave up his own lunch time to teach the students guitar and Ukulele. Even getting grants from the Cossie club to buy the school extra instruments. Without him, we would have never discovered Josh's talent. Josh was understandable very upset to see him move down to Timaru. The school gave a full assembly for him and many parents attended to show our support, even with a standing ovation at the end! The different clubs all performed for him showing off his talents and Josh, Logan and Dylan were asked to give him the present from the school and PTA. The teachers also sung a song about him to the Simon and Garfunkel tune El Condor Pasa, which was awesome!
Here are some stills from the assembly.

Birthday Brook

Little Brook in Saffron's class celebrates in a few weeks, but with all the cold weather and the fact I had finished them early I just had to give her the present early! They are a perfect fit and her fav colour! They socks stretch over her cast too she currently has (break 160 I think!). The gloves are perfect for wearing all day to keep warm, while not interfering with her reading and school work!

Happy Birthday Brook!

Brook sox1

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Queen's Birthday weekend break

Happy Birthday Ma'am!

We escaped to a traditional Kiwi bach right on the beach at Plimmerton. No TV or Internet, basic and comfortable, just lots of good fun, kayaks and walks with the dog on the beach, and a glorious sunset. Oh and yes the traditional wet weather arrived on Sunday. Lots of piklets too.

The kids had fun on the kayaks, Josh was much happier having a ride in with mum, the good thing about the pics - you can not hear him scream!!!! And boy was he screaming! Basics of sea kayaking to learn, like paddle else tide throws you back in!, to get past surf - hit the waves full on, so they don't tilt the kayak to one side! Mum was was better at it, giving rides to both India (not so confident and happy - thanks to Josh's horror stories about Bull Sharks and tipping people out of Kayaks! Great Mate!). Saffron was much more happier and relaxed and had a great time. Josh also had a go in with mum, made mums life harder with extra weight against the tide! But a Kayak isn't big enough to have a strop in - thankfully! although Saffron shouting Shark from the beach did make him sorry for telling those stories! Ands whats with the how deep is it? hummm not deep enough for big sharks or orcas came the answer!

Mum was happy - completed a knitting project, made progress on another and finished two books! yeah!
Some serious game manners need to be learnt, strops when playing Minotaurs!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Old four eyes

Well they have arrived, Saffron's specs, with their posh case and ohh the pinkiness of them.
She just needs them for reading and classwork.
Does she look more intelligent??? I will let you decide!