Sunday, March 15, 2015

Shanghai Part 1 - February 2015

Zoe had here own adventure in February to Shanghai, A friend wanted to trace her family who lived in Shanghai and were interned in the concentration camp at Weishang.  While this was part of the trip lots of fun and great experiences was had.  Even trying snake!
Yu Yun Garden, historical gardens that have been
made a national monument.
 Stunning gardens and a lovely taste of old China.
French Concession, modern area with plenty of restaurants.
The lanes in the French Concession, lovely lanes of
 little boutique shops and a great coffee shop called Kommune!
More of the lanes.
Lovely door with New Year wishes among the lanes.
The fish, snakes and eels are all very fresh!
Fresh Crab or turtle anyone?

Array of gorgeous herbs, spices and ingredients in the food
market part of the Lanes.

The fresh produce in the food market.

Chicken feet are a delicacy.....

A small garden on the Bund.

The MAGLEV train runs between the airport and Shanghai's outer city centre.  It gets up to speeds of 430 kmh using electromagnetic technology.
From the Waibaidu Bridge by the Hotel looking over the Pearl of
Shanghai and the Pudong side of the river.

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