Monday, September 21, 2009

A weekends work

Another busy and fun weekend, Gardening, knitting, sleepovers and pool parties. Josh had Logan stay over Saturday night and then they were off to a pool party on Sunday for Greg's leaving party. He is off to Australia. In the mean time they were up in the Bush having a ball being boys. I had been to a lovely lady called Hana's house Sunday morning and dug out and collected a car full of Flax she was getting rid of. These have been transplanted down the right hand side of the bush to try and hide the rubbish tip that is next doors garden - junk dump! So give it a year or so for them to bush out and they will be lovely. I also planted more natives I have been collected, so once all that matures it will be lovely, just a long wait. While I was busy with that Andy made the new veg bed (kiwi made number 3!). So awaiting a delivery of top soil this week and the yams and toms can go in. Next project may be a cold frame..... maybe! Then we dug in and cemented in the new trellis for the raspberries and Fejoa which I will espalier. More edible trees required I think! First Sock was also finished, on to number 2.

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