Saturday, December 19, 2009

India's Birthday morning

India was up early this morning! surprise surprise! The birthday fairy had been and she was most pleased! She got a new dolls car seat and stroller from the fairy! Swim togs, towel and PJ's from mum and dad, Lego horse box and Landrover from Aunty Chris, Brian and Great Grandma, Decorate your own treasure chest from great grandad, book explaining why dogs don't brush their teeth from Josh and Saffron, magic drawing set and fairy russian dolls from nana and grandad and smal sparkly nail polish duo from uncle Jason. More presents to follow from friends and from papa and grandma and uncle Steve when we celebrate our second birthdays and Christmas in February.

She is off to two friends birthday parties later too, and mummy still has to decorate her cake! She is off to the cinema in January to see Princess and the Frog disney movie to celebrate her birthday with friends.

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