Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fireworks night - upper hutt held its annual fireworks display tonight, it was the first time we had been, we got there at 7.45 and had over an hours wait before the fireworks came.  It was disappointing that the website advertising under 12's for free was incorrect and they wouldn't honor the advertised price, so $5 each had to be paid.

I see why people watch from the other side of the river!!!  Josh and Saffron enjoyed it,but India hated the noise, so I will save myself some money next year and stay home and watch from the window!!!

We managed to avoid overpriced rides and food too,and just got the kids some glow sticks that they had fun with!  Josh was anticipating a big finale - disappointing there too, kind of ended on a fizzle with everyone looking round going, ah so was that it?

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