Saturday, April 14, 2012

Expansion packs

As much as Josh would like another Age of Empires Expansion pack, I am in fact referring to the new extension to the house.  We have go the approval from the council to go ahead with a 4th bedroom, adding a shower to the downstairs toilet, and a deck out into the garden from the 4th bedroom.  Work starts in the next few weeks.  We are also taking the opportunity to remove the chimney (Earthquake hazard) and re-roof the house and replace the guttering and make a start on replacing the large glass windows and back door with double glazing (including back door, laundry, office, bathroom windows and the new windows/French doors).  Once complete the house will have a new coat of paint come next summer too.  

I have been looking at wall paper too, doing a feature wall and wallpaper the rest with a more solid colour.  Nice green curtains, wall mounted TV and lush carpets!  

India has already claimed what was our bedroom - well room is required for her Sylvanian families!!!

Now to start think heatpump, and bathroom sinks.......something like this would be nice!!!!

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