Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

This Easter we took a road trip to Ohakune and up the Mountain (aka Volcano).  We used the chance to get away and see another part of NZ, from the DC3 at Mangaweka, Carrot of Ohakune, Dinosaur of Raurimu (more viable than the fables spiral railway!), a trip up the most recently active Volcano in NZ ( Ruapehu  - before it gets over run with skiers in July) and a view of two more; Ngauruhoe (largest and youngest) and the Tongariro group of cones.  

We also got to the Army Museum, played on the tanks and saw a Sherman Tank and photos of North Africa, and Monte Carlo where my Grandad Poyzer was driving tanks during the Second World War.  We also visited the Tangiwi memorial.

Getting pictures of India is becoming harder, hands tend to be up a lot!  But she has finally cut one of two front teeth.

We stayed in an amazing log cabin - very Alps style.  It was amazingly warm even without having the fire lit once, with a great view of Ruapehu.

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