Monday, March 19, 2012


Well that was a fun packed and very hot weekend!  Lots to do and see.  The camping was great, we headed into the family section and got a pitch close to the toilets and showers which were the typical kiwi converted containers and great standard, no portaloos to be seen!

The walk to the festival was through the park, and on the way back it was lit with the TSB festival of lights.  It reminded me of my childhood trips to Matlock bath!

We met friends from Auckland and Silverstream at the campsite and spotted more in the festival, although many were spotted the other side of a very packed audience.  The range of music was great, although we hadn't heard of most they were all awesome to listen to.  Everything from some rocking Alabama 3, to East End of London Paul Ubana Jones and his amazing version of the Beatles Norwegian Wood and Eleanor Rigby.  We participated in a workshop with Diego Guerrero, who taught some flamenco rhythms and lyrics.  Josh and Zoe stayed up to watch the Pajama Club, Josh's fav all weekend.  Good old Kiwi Neil Finn and his wife and sons!  We mustn't forget to mention the amazing Master Drummers of Burundi or the Pan pipe players from Solomon Islands!  We would have loved to stay and see the Childrens parade, the Black seeds and Sharon Shannon, but by 2pm Sunday the kids were ready for home, next time we will plan to stay Sunday night and take Monday off work/school too.

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