Friday, May 7, 2010

And after..............................

I have finally taken a pic of the new heat pump, very lovely, warm cosy and on a timer so supper smart!

Despite having a cold I got back to some making stuff! my own grown chillies finally are starting to turn red, along with the garlic I had grown this year and rosemary from the garden I have bottled two fragrant bottles of oil. They will need a few months to 'mature'. now I need more bottles and wait for more of the chillies to turn red. I am still munching through the corn and we had our first frost this week, so the Yams shouldn't be too far away!!!

India and Saffron had gone to gym with daddy this morning, saffron in her new gym kit she got for her birthday, then to get her sun glasses she gets for starting school from a local eye company. so she will be looking very cool later on!!!

Knitting wise, I have finished Kates b'day socks and started a pair of gloves for myself while waiting for the 15th May when I start a Theadora knit along. I have the special wool from Vintage Purls ready to go too...

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