Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gym comp

The girls entered their first gym comp this morning. They had loads of fun together and tried really well to do the circuits. given they are both new to the formal gymnastics they did great, four reds and one blue ribbon each. The golds are 9.0-10, reds 8.0-9, the blues are great effort, basics there, just need a little more polishing, green is basically well done for turning up and getting out of bed!

Josh has been for his HIBS open day, tough competition for the places, but the school is outstanding, excellent facilities and a lovely feeling to the place. They even have their own plane and landing strip! The flying club comes at a cost of an extra $10,000!!! ouch! Josh was impressed as he got to do Chemistry experiments, look at slides under a microscope and check out the cool music block with loads of electric, acoustic and bass guitars and their own recording studio!!! Josh was drooling!

We saw two other GNS staff looking around for their sons. There is a maximum of 96 places a year, so Josh will have to pull his socks up and impress them when we apply next year.

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