Monday, May 3, 2010

Saffron's leaving kindy party

Today Saffron had her Kindy leaving party, lots of tears all round and the youngest goes off to school. She started the day making her hat and playdough cake with candles. She had loads of fun all morning. Morning party tea was fun. Saffron had the special chair and Emily lit her candles and everyone sang happy birthday. Saffron then choose some songs to sing ABC and Galoop went the little Green frog. hence the funny hands over eyes photos and the frogs eyes went galoop, galoop galoop!!!!!

She then had to jump of the chair out of Kindy and into her school days! followed by morning tea, and Brooke was an awesome helper doing the raisin boxes. After then we had more play, especially with the ladybird and faiey wings we gave Kindy as a present. We also gave a great copy of the rainy day making book and an ant mine! That should be fun as we are never short of ants in Silverstream!!!

More playing and some wish making! She was very quiet over lunch as she realised no more Kyade, Brooke and other friends and no more Catherine during the day.

But she had fun with Catherine as they had to go visit the baby guinea pigs. Catherine's lady pig came for a visit a while back with Sid the pig. 60 ish days later and a litter of 6 arrived, but 2 didn't make it. We will await the sexing before we choose which one we get!!!!! Follow this link to see pics of the very cute arrivals!

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