Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another week flies by......

School photos this week, Saffron is having the full set - she insisted on bunches! very cute!!! Josh has a new jacket - leather look Oasis style! makes his guitar playing sound even better!!!!!! Its been a wet week, the heatpump is working great! very cosy when we get home and get up!
We went to the cinema Saturday afternoon with Maree, Emma and Alex to watch the second Nanny McPhee - very good film! Well Ralph Finnes and Ewan McGregor who can complain!!!
The knitting is going well.... Theodora number 1 is now half way up the leg towards the knee and the second gloves is having the fingers finished! I braved the rain and gales friday night and got a lift from Friends over the hill to the friday sock club. It was great to see everyone there and fondle more of James gorgeous new yarns... He had a few copies of the new book (Think Outside the Sox: 50 Winning Patterns from the Knitter's Magazine Contest) on the birthday list for sure! some gorgeous sock designs in there.

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