Saturday, April 24, 2010

When I grow up........

Busy week, back to school, swimming started again, cubs, and gym for the girls!. The girls loved gym and have their first competition coming up in 4 weeks!!!
Cubs is underway and Josh is determined to get some badges on his uniform this term. He will get awarded his home help and pet badge next week and is working towards his music (guitar), photography and hopefully computer, although there is a gardening badge he can do later this year too.
Swimming - all are progressing well, the girls have come on really well and they all continue to make excellent progress.
Saffron is over excited as her two school visits are on Wednesday and friday this week and she has her birthday party next sunday morning, kindy leaving party on monday 3rd and should start school tuesday 4th! busy busy busy!!!
Saffron announce this week at kindy that when she grows up she want's to be a "silly bugger"!!! humm think she is acheiving that already, it certainly had the kindy teachers in giggles!

Josh and India both have had reports home - a new exam style reporting and national standards for the teachers to monitor. Plus parent teacher meetings soon too.
School photos will be 20th May - all three at school tis year - I see a big expense coming on, may need to restrict to just Saffron for the full pack this year!

Molly has been to the hairdresser, close shave!!! fingers crossed there are no frosts till she grows some more length!

Zoe has been snowed under at work with all the new project management workloads, but found time to wind another book - cuddly crochet. I will be stalking the postman!
The postan did bring some goodies today - 2 pairs of lovely rose jeans for the girls and an Arsenal top for josh, India has lived in them all day!

Andy has been busy at work, more trips on the horizon...... but not for a while as his passport has run out (less than 6 months on it!) so we found the money for the renwal and got the forms sent off.

right off for an early night - hopefully, 3 excited cubs having a sleepover ready for the ANZAC dawn parade tomorrow morning, 5am start! then back home for bacon butties!

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