Friday, April 16, 2010

Retail Therapy

After a wet start the sun came out and we enjoyed the sunshine and the end of the school holidays by a lovely 2 hour tramp in Eccelsfield reserve. We joined friends Maree, Emma and Alex for the wonderful tramp over the back of Silverstream behind the Prison and back to Pinehaven. Then back to Maree's for party tea, It was Emma's 7th Birthday on Tuesday so a belated present and zoe special dairy free chocolate cake!!!! India has descovered Thunderpants thanks to Emma also - Care of one outgrown pair India was in for the rest of the day!!!! I can see these being on her wish list.

A million Miles from the Wonderful Volcanic fun of Europe. Our sympathys are with family Tina and her son Zac who are stuck in Iceland trying to get home. Hopefully the UK Governemnt will go to the recuse and send the ships to rescue UK citizens stuck there in this natural disaster!

Anyway Sales are on and Saffron was keen to spend her Birthday money, plus we had some vouchers to use up..... So here we go...... India is smitten with her new boots!!! Saffron loves her dress and tights and sparkly disco shoes. Josh is chuffed with his new top and mum loves the wool James has dyed.... "Sexy Heather" PLus India had her new gym leotard arrive today in the post - Trade me special. Both girls are signed up for gym on saturday mornings, should prove fun for them. Saffron has been going for nearly 2 years and has her stage 1 badge already.

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