Friday, April 9, 2010

Pony Rides and Walk

Well, after an incredibly cold start (2.3 degree low) yep Autumn is here and Winter is knocking on the door. The good thing about Autumn is it still can get very warm in he day time - the temp over in the Kapiti was reading 27 degrees in the shade (around 32.9 in the sun) such a big change in just 6 hours!
After relaxing and catching up on housework yesterday and girls having haircuts we decided to go out for the day, the girls were very keen to go back for more pony rides, Josh still didn't want to! They loved their 20 mins of fun. After this we went for a walk through the dunes in the glorious sunshine. There are so many pics I have done a slide show again. Yes the tooth fairy did come $2! We are also having some quotes to get a heat pump put in instead of the old gas fire. It will be much more efficient and cheaper to run.

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