Friday, January 29, 2010

Journey to Golden Bay

It was an early start off to the ferry for 6.50am check in. We were one of the first on so got a good spot in the sun lounge. We got great views going into the sounds. The kids had a lot of fun exploring the boat and being entertained with clowns! From there we headed down to Blenheim, Havlock and then over the coast route to Nelson. It looks a lovely place and some great beaches there. We then followed the coast up to Motuaka where we had a pit stop before heading over the Takaka Hill and on to the campsite. It went down a bit from there!!!! The campsite readily took the money and said not a word about anything....... Within 30 mins of setting up the tent on our pitch, we had been warned by 4 different families there is a very contagious D & V bug doing the rounds and to wash hands and use on the filtered water. ........ Tent up, camp tea and an expore of the beach at low tide, looks a lot better at high tide! After a busy day we hit the sack early! only to be woken at 1am, 3am, 5am by multiple sounds of vomitting all around the site....... some bug! the next few days were spend hiding from the rain in the tent, stocking up on buckets and hand sanitiser and waiting the bug to appear. Appear it did, thursday saw India, saffron and Andy all sick!

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