Friday, January 29, 2010

Home Again

Well it was a long journey back, after making a special stop to meet up with Department of Health man - other end sample for him....... He said he will let us know, good job as India was ill again the day after getting home, poor thing. Oh well a mountain of washing to do and cleaning all cooking items, airing outer tent, cleaning rabbits and guinea pig, collecting Molly, Pebbles and Thomas and oh yes, more washing!!!!
Back to school next week, best find Josh some new shoes!!! friday is turning into a manic day - cricket and swimming now!!!! chippie tea after I should think! Josh has decided to drop Karate but keep up the cubs. India wants horse riding lessons, ouch $50 a lesson. Saffron starts school in term 2 so all go. Plus a load of birthday invites over the coming weeks! busy busy term time again already!

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