Friday, January 29, 2010

Holiday part 6 - Pupu Springs & salmon fishing

India was ill again this morning....... ho hum. By lunch time she had cleared herself out so we went out to Pupu springs and Salmon fishing. Pupu springs is a great geological spring of clear water. its protected so you can not contact the water due to a large amount of rock snot in the local area. After this we went Salmon fishing, and mum caught a whopping 1.89kg beast! Landed excellently by Josh who then chickened out on spiking it through the brain, so did Andy come to think of it.. Oh well mum got to do that and dad got the hook out. The place will fillet and smoke your Salmon for you while you wait. So we got to take a lovely smoked salmon back to the campsite for tea. Unfortunatly India was ill from the other end! Luckily the public health man was on site and eagily took samples....?????!!!!!!

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