Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Silverstream Schhol

Josh is happy, he starts school tomorrow - Wednesday. He is chuffed to have seen around the school and is excited about it all. 8.50 tomorrow morning start and we are all very happy. He will be in Class 12 with Mrs Cathie Stenhouse who is also Junior school team leader.

He finished school at 3pm and they have a late lunch at 12.30-1.30 - due to taking morning tea. Cake and juice or snack time!
He is yet to discover what after school activities there are, but it looks great and comes very highly recommended - best in the area apparently.

India is happy and kindy and is off there again this afternoon and again Thursday afternoon.

Some one is coming tomorrow to chat to me about childminders in the area. Andy's section manager has requested that I pop in and see him this week - they have a job they want me for and are willing to work around me in terms of days and hours etc.

So all good news this end. Just waiting to get my own bed back and stuff. Missing my bed lots!!!

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