Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Last $16

well I am now down to my last $16. Arghhh. I have just been shopping - the weekly shop has cost me $170.50. Hopefully it should keep us fed till the weekend when Andy gets paid.

I am now meal planning - difficult when all the kids want for lunch is tuna mayo and then clean me out with grazing through all the fruit and snack stuff during the afternoon.
They are still going through milk like there is no tomorrow...

I also spent $33 on reserving Harry Potter when it comes out at 11.01 am on Saturday 21st July - Looks like world wide same time - oh well the kids better amuse themselves for the rest of that day! Funny thing is that I get to enter 2 competitions - 1 for a Hornby rail set 2, trip to the UK - ho ho ho that would be soo funny.

We went to play today at another expat's house, Carol. She has a son Fin the same age as Josh who is in the same year at the school Josh will hopefully start in soon. Her daughter is Kira is 4 and in the kindy India and saffron plan to join. It was great for josh to have someone to play with, even if it was just 2 hours of restbite. He has become a very horrible boy, constantly demanding, screaming, being a bully to India and Saffy, answering back at Andy and myself. And always constantly bored. It has become very trying for myself - normally by 4pm he is obnoxious and unbearable. Poor Andy gets home and has that most nights. I know it is a big change, but it is making my day very unhappy with him like this. He acts like a big girl and I just don't know how to deal with his tempers and screaming. he is so sly and malicious in intent towards the girls. He often has India in tears while I am in the next room changing Saffron's nappy, he uses any chance he gets when I have to go out of the room or am driving to push them to retaliate. No wonder I am getting through the wine and whiskey once we have collected Andy from work!

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