Monday, July 16, 2007


Well today was India's first day at her new Kindergarten. She attends Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 12.45-3.15 at Silverstream Kindergarten. She loved it, She has obviously missed a Step ahead as all we have had all weekend is 'is it time to go to my school yet?'.

We also had an email from the Headteacher Mr Gunn at Silverstream School and he has arranged for us to go tomorrow and take Josh for a look around. He is being great and said he is happy for Josh to start even though we haven't moved into the rental. We just need to take the rental agreement forms with us. Great - Josh so needs to get to school and run off his excess energy and have a constructive and solid structure and routine.

So after all that I chased the rental agency and they have had another one of the properties come up in a different block - so we are now going to move into 64 Evergreen Crescent, Heratunga, Upper Hutt, Wellington. We take up the rental from monday 6th August. It is a semi rather than end of terrace and next door is also another British couple with older children - he also owns a motorbike!!!! Our new friends here that I got to know on the Internet Sharon and Matt know them already! Its a small world! 3 cheers for Kiwibiker!

I will take some photos nearer the time we move in.

I also did my shopping - $215 plus $15 for meat from the butcher.
Josh, saffron and myself had a treat while waiting for India to finish school- cafe in Silverstream for hot chocolate (and of course a chocolate fish), coke for Josh and Orange for Saffron - $10 the lot. we had planned to go to the Staw Cafe, but got there to find it was closed monday and tuesdays - oh well another time. It was a nice drive down Whitemans valley never the less.

Right tea time - must go sort it out.


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