Saturday, March 13, 2010

Survived one week

Well we made the one week mark - all children still alive and functioning! Far too many early morning arguments with Josh. No dog walking this morning, just cricket and still didn't want to go! But we all made it, girls managed to keep amused between walking Molly and pestering me!

They have now got some PS time. We have 6 games now: Mulan, Barbie pony and ride - a big fav!!, snowboard 4 - another fav! James bond car racing, Rally motor cross - yes it has Lancia's and the bonnets fall off!, last is an air combat yet to be played. They have great fun racing each other on ponys or snowboards!

The weather has turned very Autumnal, very chilly in the morning, but very warm in the day! We were hit by a freak weather storm yesterday, mini tonados and gusts over upto 130 Kph. We were very lucky, roof still intact and no trees down. just a little wet as we were in the park at Cricket practice when it hit. I have suffered some losses in the garden - the corn was blown about, one stalk snapped and a few more lucking very unhealthy!

But we have one cucumber, some more courgettes, chilli's, pumpkins, leeks, beans, yams, lettuace and the garlic has been harvested and the carrots are almost ready too.

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