Saturday, June 13, 2009

Matchsticks please....

Well its Saturday and Andy is on his last long leg back home. Its been a pretty full on few weeks with him travelling to India for a week, back for 5 days before heading off to Amsterdam. I am exhursted being a full time mum and need more sleep please!

The highlight kids are slowely getting the hang of it all and are behaving better. We all went to spend pocket money at the Pinehaven playcentre garage sale. Earned by going straight to bed and sleep after the school disco last night - it worked!!!

Josh emptied his money box and prepared for a big spend! Came away with a high fi! a midi sysytem one with 3 cd interchanger and 2 cassette players, radio and clock. 2 seperate speakers too for $10. He is very made up. It nearly cost as much for an extention lead to be able to plug it in! The girls came away with cuddly bears! ah nevermind!
And we also got a bargin - a 6 year old well loved and in full working order Emma Ravens. Luckily her mum rescued her later.

We had a picnic lunch and all went round with Josh for his netball match - easy bribe - 3 sausage sizzles for the 3 girls. Josh had an awesome match, first as Goal Keep and then as Goal defence. He had an awesome match as GD. really involved and making some awesome saves and passes. For the effort he got man of the match - yes the below trophy is back in the Juniper house! They won again - still not lost a match yet this season.

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