Sunday, June 21, 2009

A little fishy on a dishy

A cold, but dry winters day and a trip into Wellington to the new market at Chaffers marina and the veg market. The kids spotted the fishing boats selling fresh fish so two Tarakihi later, kindly filleted too, see picture! Fush and chups for tea then!
The market was great, lemon curd, beers, cheeses, meat products, duck roulette, fresh bread, books and all sorts. The veg market was fun, loads of free brocalli leaves for the rabbits and a fridge full of fresh fruit and veg.

After that a trip over to Island bay to the marine life centre for the open day. Emma and Alex were there too, so all had fun handling star fish, crabs, slugs and cucumbers.

back home for lunch and a defrost!

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