Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Tramp

Good Friday and Easter Monday are still covered by a great law in NZ which means no shops apart from small dairy's are allowed to Open - I think its great. I means that no one has to work, even the shop assistants and no one can spend the day shopping. It promotes a family day - spent with family and friends and really enjoyed. I recall UK shop assistants having to work, getting no time off and every one spending the day shopping rather than good family fun.

This year we went to Sharon and Matt's for lunch, a quick Easter egg hunt first for the kids, a light lunch and then a 3km tramp round the coast from Pukerua bay. It was great fun and although Eostre - the festival of spring works for the Northern Hemisphere, down here in the southern Hemisphere, it is Autumn and today we had snow on the Tararuas and the volcano's of central and Western North Island. Brghh get the heaters on!!!

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