Thursday, January 21, 2016

Girls on Tour

Road trip with the girls to New Plymouth in mid January - a chance to see friends in New Plymouth and have some girl time.

We stopped at Foxton and went up the windmill - that brought back lots of memories of Holland as a kid, then we had Poffertjes from the dutch cafe.  What a treat, the girls loved that.

From there we carried on to Hawera to a Tawhiti museum recommended by a knit friend, it was a great little museum and we would recommend to all.

An amazing collection of tractors, lawn mowers and army vehicles
A scary Kiwi DIY hedge trimmer - looked lethal!
Whalers and Traders

From there, we went on to New Plymouth via the Surf Highway and went to the gardens to see the Light Festival.  It was lovely, especially the waterfall.

One wet day then a few more days in the sun sightseeing.

The Mountain
Private Zoo with lions and a great view of the mountain
The park by dayligh
Len Lye's wind wand, the Len Lye center was great too.
Stone carving
Aslan the lion
shame the mountain was hiding that day!

flax and beach view

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