Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rathkeale Day 1

So College begins for the first born!   Day one at Rathkeale College in Masterton.  He is boarding, coming home weekends if he wants to, as there is always plenty happening around school.
We had lunch out on the way there in Greytown.  After unloading his gear into his shared cubical in the dorm at Rugby House, making his bed and unpacking we had a quick assembly.  From here we caught glimpses of him but he was busy doing orientation and getting to know the other lads.  The main assembly to start the academic year began at 4pm with a whole school Haka (apart from newbies). After this we said goodbye and headed home with two tired girls and forgo the evening drinks with the headmaster.  No tears but now we have two girls who want to go to St Matthews!

josh's cubical
Looking serious
the other side of his cubical, Cooper was still to arrive!
from his cubical down to dorm entrance
Josh again

looking up into the dorm

Whole school lining up for assembly

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Whole School Haka

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