Saturday, August 31, 2013

Josh turns 13

Today Josh turned 13, he is now officially a teenager and has not lost motorskills or vocab!  Yeah!
He was also out of bed before 10am! 

He has been kitted out with a Kathmandu jacket, Hunting and fishing cameo gear (nice and warm for tramps), ipod shuffle, Imagine dragons CD, Commando comics, Guitar pick maker, hand knitted merino socks, IOM TT T-shirt and loads of money.  He spend $75 on X-box games and a little at the dairy.  He hopes to put the money towards his xmas money and get a new guitar..............

We also got him some tramping boots, when we discovered not only is he now as tall as his dad, but also same shoe size (UK 9).  And still a few more years of growing to go!

Its been a good week, he had his interview at Rathkeale College and was offered a place to start in January 2014.  He is still a little unsure but knows it is the best option and we have a party on the 1st November to meet with other new students and parents.  We also need to make an appointment to get him kitted out for his school uniform (ouch $$! I should think).


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