Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone.  The usual early start (a few 4am and 5am attempts were quickly quashed)!

A furry of Santa presents were opened with much delight by all, breakfast and then on to the family gifts under the tree.  Saffron is torn between the guitar from Papa, Grandma and Uncle Jason and Michelle, the microphone, mp3 player and headphones from Santa, so is currently using all three.   Josh is up to his ears in airfix kits, glue and paint!  And loves the Bear Grylls scout knife from papa and Grandma.   India is busy on her new scooter from papa, grandma, uncle Jason and Michelle and Aunt Chris, and all the great Sylvanians from Santa.
The Harry potter box set from nana and grandad is awaiting a back to back sitting!

Andy is proudly showing off his sucking Rabbits Guy Martin t-shirt, Zoe is happy with new Vinyl (Florence), bath salts, Incendies and Sarah's Kate dvd's and mosquito bands!

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