Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another post

Where to start? I guess with the ears!!! Saffron requested her ears to be pierced for her birthday - just like India! She choose pretty purple studs, while India can now swap her earings and choose some simple sleepers. She has become used to swapping earings as she needs to remove them for netball.

Mean while what else have we been up to? Good Friday was changeable, so we loaded up 4 kids (Logan included), 6 bikes in the trailer and set out for Wellywood (Wellington for the non Hobbit fans!). We parked out at the far end of Oriental bay and cycled round to Balaena Bay where the footpaths became narrow. From there we cycled back to Te Papa and had an explorer there before heading back to Oriental bay store for ice creams in the sunshine. A short but fun 6.4km ride.

We also managed to acquire to laying hens - a light Sussex and a shaver or New Hampshire red. the are rescue hens from a poor lady in the hutt whose neighbours have complained and the council wanted them contained in very small hut. But lucky for us as the new pullets (arriving in a few weeks) won't come into lay until October and the two we have are still not laying.

Josh's bedroom re-decoration is also underway... watch this space!

Knitting wise, Tikki has finally released the Butterfly cardigan pattern. So I have cast on this with the gorgeous pink DK yarn I won from Tash's Holland Road Yarn Store, for Saffron.

The Kettle also decided to leak - humm water and electricity mix not flash, so credit card took a trip to the shops today while they are open!

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