Friday, October 1, 2010

Napier - School hols Sept/Oct 2010

Well we escaped the Wellington weather bomb and headed for a 4 day getaway in Napier. We arrived to gloreous sunshine. The motel location has gone down well, and you wouldn't think people could get SOO excited over free shower gel and milo sachets!!! The kids enjoyed the first night trying out the big spa bath in the bathroom! and waiting up for the lights to come on the pine trees - xmas all year!

Day 1 - we had a lazy lie in and breakfast and headed back to the Skeinz wool shop to pick up orders for Lisa Jones and get some lovely Alpaca to knit India a Milo or similar vest with. Then we headed for the parade and went to the ocean spa - it started out a little overcast but given the pools were heated it didn't matter. India was busy showing off her swimming techniques while we all enjoyed the hot salt water soak, well all but Andy who had his head in a Hi-Fi mag. I get the idea he is itching for a new record deck!!!!

After this we went back to the Aquarium, although we had been over 3 years ago, the girls didn't really remember so it was just as exciting as the first time. Then we headed for Havlock North - love the area and loads of apple and fruit trees. We called in at a cheese factory and then the Honey visitors centre. Great to see insides of hives and queen bees suzzing away. They tried on bee keeper outfits and tasted 9 different honeys from mild clover to Manuka and a very strong Thyme honey! and then quickly back to the clover to get rid of the strong taste!!!
Tomorrow we are off to Cape Kidnappers to the Zoo (and pony rides of course)! Elephant Vinyard and wool centre (shearing not knitting - darn!).
more updates later in the week, I suspect we will be back to spa before we leave. Trip home involves a stop at Mangatainoka!!!!

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